Daily Greens Video: A Chicago Story…1968-2008

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-b0MPekf-Q] Bob Rudner, a Green from Illinois, tells the story of being a 16-year-old and going out with his dad to see a sci-fi movie. On the way out, they encountered the 1968 Chicago Police Riot and the Yippies. Then, Rob Rudner watched the 1968 Democratic Convention on t.v. This time, Bob Rudner is inside […]

Chicago 1968-2008: Presidential Convention T-shirts

Front: 1968…2008 Green Party “This time the peace movement is inside the convention.” Ian and I had fun working on a t-shirt to express the irony that in 1968, the Democrats held a convention where they would not let the peace movement inside. And, now, in 2008, the Democrats will still probably keep the peace […]