Nader: 10 painful lessons of 9/11

Here are some suggestions: 1. Do not exaggerate our adversaries’ strength in order to produce a climate of hysteria that results in repression of civil liberties, embodied in the overwrought USA Patriot Act, and immense long-term damage to our economy. Consider the massive diversion of trillions of dollars from domestic civilian needs because of the […]

Former Intel Chief: Call Off The Drone War (And Maybe the Whole War on Terror) | Danger Room |

Ground the U.S. drone war in Pakistan. Rethink the idea of spending billions of dollars to pursue al-Qaida. Forget chasing terrorists in Yemen and Somalia, unless the local governments are willing to join in the hunt. Those aren’t the words of some human rights activist, or some far-left Congressman. They’re from retired admiral and former […]

Green Party: With Osama bin Laden’s Death, Rapid Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Green Party leaders on Monday expressed hope that news of the killing of Osama bin Laden marks a new stage, in which US troops are withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan; air assaults on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya are halted; the US presses Israel to observe full human rights and justice for the Palestinian people; and […]

United for Peace and Justice Issues Weekly Afghanistan War Reports; Nation Interviews Matthew Hoh (via Peace and Justice Online)

A recent edition of United for Peace and Justice’s  “Afghanistan War Weekly” notes that President Obama has “reaffirmed his commitment to ‘win’ the war.”  The report also points out that much of President Obama’s recent speech, as well as the Executive Summary of the administration’s annual report, discusses Pakistan’s crit … Read More via Peace […]