Occupy Wall Street declarations: One demand, twenty grievances, lots of consensus

Comparison of the two sets of demands/grievances published by Occupy Wall Street by Kimberly Wilder 10/4/2011 The first document I will refer to as the “One Demand Document” The second document I will refer to as the “Grievances Document” To see both documents in text, go to my previous post: here. Up front, I would […]

Possible debate happenings: Twinkling, waving fingers

[For fuller comments on the Governor Debate, see onthewilderside eyewitness account: here.] KW: Thoughts and points of information on the Hofstra, NY Governor Debate of 10/18/2010 (This is kind of a message in a bottle. I am typing it at 3pm, and setting it to post after the debate starts…) So, part of the audience […]