Happy St. Pat’s Day: What’s green on Long Island?

Ian and I woke up early today. So, we have already gathered some images of green for this lovely, sunny, St. Patrick’s Day. Full set at Flickr: here and with story below. What’s Green on Long Island? The soccer fields: ___________________________ The soccer players: A girls soccer team celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with green hair. […]

Rainy Day on Long Island: Flooding Photos

What to do on a rainy day on Long Island? See our informative post with list: here. 2012 Hurricane Sandy video: here. Looking for Irene photos? We have some trees down photos at Flickr: here. Also, if you are FaceBook friends with Lisa Votino, she has some great photos from flooding in Eastern Long Island: […]

Video: First wind, then snow

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsHCm_ykyCc] About the video:

Help for Wyandanch School District

Newsday reports: “Wyandanch’s board president says the system should close and send its 1,900 students to other districts nearby.” KW writes: I know that school district issues are complicated. School districts are not just bureaucracies, they are also quasi-governmental entities. Still, I think the bottom line of the current problem with the Wyandanch Schools is […]

Did a tornado strike North Babylon?

A friend of Ian’s took photos of clouds near our home (this is further South, on Montauk Avenue) on the same day. Looks like a tornado to me! You have to log in to a FaceBook account to see these: here. The weather service says Long Island was not a tornado. Hmmm…I think I disagree. […]

Last snow video of the night…

Still snowing!  A lot! On Long Island, at 11:52pm Wednesday night, it is still coming down steady. Lots of wind, too. Here is my latest video, comparing this morning to this evening… [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixJ0loJTTdc]

Alert: Need healing, conflict resolution and community reflection at North Babylon High School

KW: There are many angles to look at the recent news at North Babylon High School: A teenager who attends North Babylon High School was injured when a pipe bomb he was creating at his home blew up. The teenager is reported to have material related to the Columbine incident at his home. And, now, […]

North Babylon Schools: Budget, Elections, Proposition

KW: Voters in the North Babylon School District had three big items to vote on: Elections for school board; the annual budget/taxes; and a proposition about how to elect board members in the future. The results were: The budget passed by 1,496 YES to 800 NO. Three board members were running unopposed, and will be […]

Photos and video: ALS Ride for Life

KW writes: This morning, Wednesday, May 20, 2009, looking outside my second story window, I saw an empowering scene: young people marching through the street to raise awareness about ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease. Someone from Ride for Life wrote to me that they are students from North Babylon High School and West Islip High School. I […]

Photos: Fall becomes winter in Long Island, New York

KW: It is Saturday, November 22nd. Winter does not officially begin for about a month. Though, I believe that today was the first ice. Ian and I went for a walk at a park with a lake that is around the corner from our home in North Babylon, Long Island. Ice was starting to form […]

Help and Healing for North Babylon High School

What could you do to help at North Babylon High School? It is the school down the street from me. And, I am going to have to turn my attention there. You may recall a few years ago there was an attack of a student recorded on youtube. Recently, there have been a series of […]

Global Warming In Your Neighborhood