The Democrats Attack Unions Nationwide

Here is the short list of states with De­moc­ratic gover­nors where labor uni­ons are un­der­go­ing severe at­tacks: Mas­sachusetts, Con­nec­ticut, Oregon, Califor­nia, New York, Il­linois, Was­hington, Hawaii, Min­nesota, Maryland and New Hampshire. Other states with De­moc­ratic gover­nors are at­tack­ing uni­ons to a less­er de­gree. via The Democrats Attack Unions Nationwide | Truthout.

Pacific GP: Rally against the proposed legislation and Pacific Connector Pipeline in Medford! | Pacific Green Party of Oregon

This February, legislation will be introduced Salem that would change the definition of “applicant” for removal-fill permits. If passed, this bill will fast-track the permitting process for the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline by allowing companies to apply for permits on landowners’ property without their knowledge or consent. This would be a huge benefit for the […]

Nader files against Democratic National Committee

Ralph Nader is filing his final appeal in a lawsuit asking for justice with the Democratic National Committee, who unfairly challenged his petitions.

Support the Blue Mountain School

KW: I have posted here previously when the Blue Mountain School – a wonderful, democratic, alternative school in Oregon – felt like it might be shut down. The school has had another wave of fearfulness that they might not be supported by their school district, and/or lose support or funding from the state. They were […]

Save a public, democratic school: Blue Mountain in Oregon

[youtube=] From AERO: Blue Mountain School Needs Your Help One of the few democratic public schools, Blue Mountain, a charter school in Oregon, faces closure because of a politically stacked change in its local board. Letters need to be sent to the State Superintendent. Here is the info from board member Laura Stine: Dear Friends, […]