Map Shows New York City Rooftops’ Potential for Solar Power

Two-thirds of New York City’s rooftops are suitable for solar panels and could jointly generate enough energy to meet half the city’s demand for electricity at peak periods, according to a new, highly detailed interactive map to be made public on Thursday. via Map Shows New York City Rooftops’ Potential for Solar Power –

The Energy Transition: Steps Towards a World Without Oil 12/16/10

The Energy Transition: Steps Towards a World Without Oil with Terry Morrone, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Adelphi University The forum is at 7 PM, December 16, 2010 in the auditorium of the Huntington Public Library. Topics include 1-Need for the Change 2-Cost of the Transition in Dollars 3-Cost in Energy 4-Relative advantages of Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Coal, Nuclear, […]

Solar plant to be built at Brookhaven National Lab

(excerpt from) Long Island Business News Solar power plant to be built at BNL by Henry E. Powderly II / February 27th, 2009 New York Gov. David Paterson on Friday announced the creation of a solar power plant at Brookhaven National Laboratory that will generate enough energy to power 6,500 homes. It would be the […]

Scientific Breakthrough: Storing Solar Energy for later use

From Environmental News Service via Common Dreams (alternative news) Solar Power Breakthrough Stores Energy for Later Use CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, August 2, 2008 (ENS) – Within 10 years, homeowners could power their homes in daylight with solar photovoltaic cells, while using excess solar energy to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water to power a household fuel […]