Green Party remains only party endorsing DC statehood

Green Party remains the only national party in DC to endorse statehood

Green Party: US Budget Deal Dismantles Govt & Destroys Safety Net

Obama’s retreat from promises of change led to the Democrats’ sell-out and a battle to save Social Security, Medicare, collective bargaining, public broadcasting, the EPA, scientific research, and Planned Parenthood Green Party blasts Obama’s proposed $1 trillion cut in Medicare and Medicaid and the budget deal’s ‘tyrannical’ policies imposed on the District of Columbia, including […]

Free DC! The Obama Inauguration and a New Chance for Democracy in Our Nation’s Capital

OpEdNews:  Free DC! The Obama Inauguration and a New Chance for Democracy in Our Nation’s Capital In fact, Democratic politicians have retreated further from the goal of DC statehood, deleting it from the Democratic national platform in 2004 and keeping it out in 2008. The only party to endorse statehood in its national platform is […]

Careful: D.C. Statehood – moves in Congress, history, etc.

See also DC Statehood Green Party press releases & other lit on DC democracy: (excerpt from) Undernews Democrats Ready to Play Games With The Capital Colony (The full article, at the link above, provides an excellent time line on the history of the DC struggle.) 5 January 2009 The Democrats are […]

Could D.C. Get a Voting Member of the House in 2009?

I don’t count on any political promises like this until they happen. You have to keep up the vigilance of the demand. Though, I hope this is true. The Greens in D.C. call themselves “The DC Statehood Green Party“, so that every time their name is mentioned, their demand is mentioned. That is cool. Betcha […]

DC Statehood GP: Del. Norton, Dems & Reps abandon DC statehood in platform draft

DC Statehood Green Party criticizes Del. Norton, her Democratic Party,  and the Republican for omitting DC statehood from the 2008 Democratic or Republican platform draft The Green Party is the sole party on the DC ballot that supports statehood for the District; Statehood Greens, DC’s ‘Second Party,’ will carry the banner for DC statehood in […]