Last Words of Dutch Schultz

an excerpt:

Please give me a shot.
Oh…Oh…it is from the factory.
O.K. Sure, that is bad…well,
Oh, go ahead;
that happens for crying;

I don’t want harmony; I want harmony.

Oh, mamma, mamma.
Who give it to him? Who give it to him?
Tony? Let me in the district; …fire…factory that he was nowhere near.
It smoldered.
No, No!

There are only ten of us and
there are ten million fighting somewhere in front of you,
so get your onions up and we will
throw up the truce flag.


Oh, mamma, mamma,
please don’t tear; don’t rip;
that is something that shouldn’t be spoke about; that is right.
Please get me up my friends;
I know what I speak of. Please, look out,
the shooting is a bit wild, and

that kind of shooting. Saved a man’s life.


Oh, sir, and get the doll a roofing. Please.
You can play jacks, and girls do that
with a soft ball
and do tricks with it.
I may take all events into consideration;
no, no. And it is no;

a boy has never wept
nor dashed a thousand kin (sic)

did you hear me?


Then pull out,

I am half crazy.

They won’t let me up.
They died my shoes,
open those shoes here.

Give me something;
I am so sick.
Give me some water,
the only thing that I want.

Open this up, break it
so I can touch you.


Come on, Max, open the soap duckets.
Frankie, please come here.
Open that door, Dumpey’s door.
It is so much, Abe, that…with the brewery.
Come on. Hey, Jimmie!
The Chimney Sweeps.

Talk to the Sword.

Shut up, you got a big mouth!
Please come help me up, Henny.
Max come over here…

French Canadian bean soup…

let them leave me alone.

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