Clearwater Sneak Peek: Activist duo Magpie

Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino, better known as Magpie, are featured performers at this year’s Clearwater Festival – Great Hudson River Revival, June 17 – 18.  

Magpie is well known for their performances of hard-hitting topical songs.  They are regular performers on Phil Ochs Song Nights, organized by Phil's sister, Sonny Ochs, since 1984.  Politically, their viewpoints have been shaped by the Civil Rights Movement of the early sixties.  Greg’s father worked for the National Urban League, and members of the family were involved in local action in the Movement.  Terry, who began singing at that time, spent many of her childhood summers with her mother's family in the Deep South, where she witnessed the cruelty of racism and the power of the Movement.  She also witnessed the shootings at Kent State on May 4th, 1970 when National Guard troops fired into a crowd of students that was protesting the war in Vietnam.  Terry and Greg continue to reflect on these experiences in their own work, as they often are often advocates of the ongoing struggle for civil rights, freedom, justice and peace for all. 
Greg and Terry are internationally known for their artistic contributions to the environmental movement, and perform regularly at many world-renowned environmental events. 

Greg and Terry  began playing music together in Kent, Ohio in September of 1973.  Terry is a gifted singer of jazz and blues in the tradition of Connie Boswell and Billie Holiday, but is equally comfortable with the subtle beauty of traditional folk and contemporary songs.  Greg is an outstanding guitarist whose finger style approach owes a lot to his legendary predecessors, such as Reverend Gary Davis, Big Bill Broonzy, Nick Lucas, Phil Ochs, and Rolly Brown.  From traditional, classic country, swing, and blues of the nineteen twenties and thirties, to contemporary originals, Terry and Greg cover many different types music.
To purchase tickets for the festival, call 1-800-67-SLOOP or log on to  Discounts of up to 30% will be available on tickets purchased prior to April 30.

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