Hybrid Challenge


Earth Day is April 22
Last Chance to Help Us Meet the Challenge!

That wonderful celebration of our favorite planet—Earth Day—is just about a week away. Over at UCS’s HybridCenter, we’ve been working overtime to meet our “Who’s Got Hybrids?” Earth Day Challenge, and preparing to launch our brand new Driving Change Network. We are very excited about how things are shaping up, but we still need your help to make our Earth Day bash the biggest it can be.

"Who’s Got Hybrids?" Numbers Climbing:
Our web resource of real-world testimonials from hybrid owners has gone from a handful of people to hundreds of people in just a short time. But we know that there are a lot more hybrid-owners’ stories to be told. Please remember, we need both a picture of your hybrid and your testimonial in order to add you to the "Who's Got Hybrids?" family. So get snapping and typing today, and click here to join in. If you know a hybrid owner who hasn’t joined yet, click here to invite them to join the Earth Day Challenge.

Getting Ready to Drive Some Change:
Over three thousand activists and hybrid owners have already signed up for UCS’s new Driving Change Network. We have an exciting lineup planned for our first newsletter coming out right around Earth Day. Here are some highlights that you can look forward to:

  • Who Are We? Meet the Driving Change Network

  • Member Q&A: New Hybrid MPG Woes

  • Hybrids on the Hill: Plugin discussion; two ways letters can pave a greener path

  •  “Who’s Got Hybrids?” Owner of the Month contest with audience participation (that’d be you)!

We want the Driving Change Network to be an interactive and fun place for you to get informed and active on hybrids and other important clean vehicle issues. The larger the network, the more powerful we’ll be. Please join us by clicking here, and then tell your friends to hop on board!




Bill NyeP.S.  The HybridCenter has just been nominated for a Webby Award! The New York Times has called the Webby, "The Oscars of the Internet." As a nominee for a Webby Award, http://ucsaction.org/ct/N1SHrR41QRt7/ is eligible to win a People's Voice Award. Voting is open to the public from April 11 to May 5. To vote, you must register, login, select "UCS Hybrid Center" from the drop down menu on the left side of the page, and then vote. It's easy. Please vote for the HybridCenter today and pass the word to your friends!

Listen to what other hybrid owners who've already joined in the fun have to say:

"I bought my Prius because of the environmental benefits, but I also enjoy saving money at the gas pump." –Sarah Marquardt, Minneapolis, MN, Toyota Prius owner

"Once you try a hybrid, there's no going back" –Mike Cason, El Segundo, CA, Honda Civic Hybrid owner

"Since I love small, sporty cars I chose the Insight and I've not had one moment of regret" –Shan Albert, Miami Beach, FL, Honda Insight owner

"It does a great job pulling my 5×10 trailer." –Jon Luis, Durham, NC, Ford Escape Hybrid owner

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