by George Wallace

who pulls america’s strings
like a wooden duck on wheels
who drinks cocktails with kings
while the people live in fear of them
it’s the man behind the curtain, stupid
ignore him, his love of power & his manipulation of prayer
ignore him, his moral equivalent & his manufactured enemies
his endless deception, his protection money
his buckshot eyes & his evangelical hat
ignore his television news
ignore his talking points
ignore his paper president
his ballot box is empty
his tongue is rigged
his country club is tragic
& his flag is a lie
in his right hand
he holds the fallen towers
in his left hand are the spies
he puts them in your pocket
he puts them in your bedsheets
& in your church & your heart
the man behind the curtain
who conceals his name
the man behind the curtain
who flies over drowned cities
the man behind the curtain
who orders torture
who excuses crime
who discredits patriots
who separates the people
from themselves & each other
who is the wax wings of war
& invisible corporations
& has found a way to
fly above us all
& into the angry
face of the sun

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