Billionaires Launch Radio Show – Mon. 9/4/06

Brothers in Bullion, Sisters in Stock Options, Compadres in Cash!

Not content with Clear Channel’s 1200 + radio stations, Billionaires For Bush is poised to take the public out of public radio.  We’re privatizing the Pacifica Network with our own show!

And only you can help it spread (see below).

Don’t miss the world premiere of

September 4th, 2006 at 4:00pm PST
On KPFK 90.7 in Los Angeles

Xena Phobe – Felonious Ax – Debbie Taunt – Isaiah Hogg
Hugh R. Fyred – Ona Bentley – Stu Process – Ivanna Haverdahl
And introducing: Carol Lynn Price, the Billionaire Mouthpiece with special guest, Auntie Axetree, broadcasting from our shipboard radio station aboard the HMS Outrageous Fortune, anchored off the Cayman Islands.
Join in the fun as we celebrate all the access and twice the greed straight out of today’s headlines, with segments like “Insider Trader”, “Billionography: Know Your Billionaire”, and “The Profiteers Club”.  Even our Minister of Musical Manipulation, Felonious Ax, put off his tour with the John Ashcroft All Rich Boys Choir to record new original music for the show.

For those of you away this weekend or out of Pacifica range, be sure to catch the streaming archive at

Help us rule the air: Call KPFK

Surprisingly, wads of payola will not be enough to guarantee us a permanent spot on KPFK’s airwaves; in fact,  regular syndication of Billionaire Radio will depend on popular demand.
So, we need you to tune in on Monday, September 4th at 4pm PST, and then send your words of praise to

Demand that the Billionaire voice be heard throughout the land! Huzzah!
From all of us at Billionaires For Bush,

Happy Cheap Labor Day!

We’ll see you on the Wealthcare line.