Turner Dance presents Latent Image: A 10 Year Celebration

Turner Dance


Latent Image

 A Ten Year Anniversary Celebration


September 29, 30 and October 1 2006  8:30 pm
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
St. Mark’s Church in-the- Bowery 10th street and 2nd ave.
Admission $15
Reservations:  212-674-8194
Information:  www.danspaceproject.org or www.turnerdance.com

                                New choreography by Susan D. Turner
                                Performed by Maria Colaco, Carin Moscicki, Kathy Till, Gavin Sisson, and Susan D. Turner
                                Sculpture by Alton Falcone
                                Poetry by Linda Davies
                                Original music composed by Izzet Mergen and performed by Trey Crispin
                                Lighting by Alex Dollin
                                Photography by Gina Tinucci

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