PeaceSmiths Coffeehouse 12/1/06 8:30p

PeaceSmiths monthly
Topical A-Typical Folk Music, Poetry and Whatever Coffeehouse
First Methodist Church
The last church on the left!
25 Broadway (Route 110), Amityville
Friday. 12/1/06 @ 8:30 pm 
Suggested Donation $7 more if possible, less if necessary.
For information, phone 631-798-0778.

andygreehouse.jpgGuitarist and song composer Andy Greenhouse, New York City, is featured giving a program of holiday songs in the folk idiom, “music that has an authentic basis,” he says, “because it is tied to tradition.”

The Play Doctors will also be performing scenes derived from “Theater Games,” a system of actor training and doing so with suggestions from the audience which adds to the spontaneity and fun.

PeaceSmiths is a 34-year-old non-profit organization doing educational activist, cultural and mutual help projects on disarmament, environmental health, community needs, freedom of expression and economic and social justice issues. Contact Susan Blake @ thePeaceSmiths Office @ 631-798-0778

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