Roses. Candles, and Cards.. A Sidewalk Memorial.

In Huntington Village
On the cold, shady, side of 25A
In front of the Recruiting Station
Where we usually stay
On one Saturday a month,
But this Thanksgiving weekend
We created a sidewalk memorial:
A black cloth taped onto the wall,
draped over a box,
Candles illuminating cards
With the grizzly numbers of those who’ve died
In Afghanistan and Iraq.
A Jewish Star, A Christian Cross, A Muslim Star & Crescent
Stark white markers of
Our shared humanity.
In quiet contrast to the red of  roses
and  autumnal colors
of the bouquets laid.

A flag draped coffin propped by the door
Bore silent witness
As John’s accordion toned
“Where Have All the Flowers Gone”
And the names and ages,
were read, page after page,
with reverence and respect,
as the brave flames flickered.

This bittersweet  display
affording us
A chance to remember and to grieve,
And believe, once again,
That our work for peace and justice
is not in vain.

Blessed Be the Peacemakers!
Charlotte Koons 11/25/06

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