How the Fed Budget effects NY, the Bush Administration requested another $100 billion in additional Iraq war spending for fiscal year 2007, which if approved would bring the total funds allocated for the Iraq War up to $456 billion.  At the same time, the President released his budget request for fiscal year 2008, which would cut $13 billion in programs that serve low- and middle-income Americans.  NPP offers an analysis of the President’s budget and war spending requests that include state-level breakdowns. 

NPP’s analysis includes how the President’s budget request for fiscal year 2008 would impact each state in several program areas, including:  Community Development Block Grants, Head Start, Low-Income Energy Assistance Program, Special Education, Child Care and Development Block Grant and Low-Income Heating Assistance Program (LIHEA P).  New state level cost of war numbers are also available.

While the public’s and Congress’ attention turns ever more to the question of our federal spending priorities, NPP is pleased to offer its resources to make this debate as compelling and urgent as it deserves to be.  CNN relied on NPP’s data once again in its reporting last night, and other media, national and local organizations and activists use our materials regularly in the course of their efforts to influence Congress and educate fellow voters.  Please spread the word that our information is here for the taking and let us know how you use it.


Pamela Schwartz
Communications Director

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