Zen and the Art of Conflict 2/12/07

top of sun Learn NVC [Nonviolent Communication] the fun way! Via games, role plays, and small group exercises. This Foundations course helps you develop mind-body awareness, reflection skills, and deep listening, and finding the core needs in misunderstanding. Facilitated by Eliane Geren with assistant trainer Nellie Bright.

About Eliane:
Eliane has been teaching NVC for more than five years and is at the last step of the CNVC Certification process. She also is completing a book about cross-cultural understanding!

Why does Eliane teach NVC?
 “My passion is offering tools that lead to a consciousness that enables people to live life fully …For me, the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process gives me those tools.”

What others are saying about Eliane’s sharing of NVC:
“I loved Eliane’s authenticity and the way we learned NVC by using our own life experiences. Eliane clearly lives what she teaches.”

Starts Monday, Feb. 12th, 6:30-9pm
Meets at 34th St , Manhattan (TRS Studios)
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