Tell NY Lawmakers You Support the Super Environmental Bills


Tell NY Lawmakers You Support the Super Bills & They Should, Too

Please contact your state lawmakers and tell them that you support the environmental community’s priority Super Bills, and that they should, too.  

This year’s state legislative session is in full swing, but for one reason or another, not one of the Super Bills has been introduced in the Senate or the Assembly.  

It’s time to ask our lawmakers to move the Super Bills and show that they are committed to protecting New York ’s environment.

The Super Bills include the ‘opt-in’ Community Preservation Act, the Clean Water Protection / Flood Prevention Act (AKA the wetlands bill), and the Bigger Better Bottle Bill.

Click here to contact your state legislators.

This year, it’s especially important for lawmakers to support the Bigger Better Bottle Bill, because Governor Spitzer has already declared publicly that any increase in the Environmental Protection Fund—which supports important projects across the state—will be tied to new revenues generated by expanding New York ’s most successful recycling program. To learn more about the Super Bills, click here.

Tell your lawmakers that you support the Super Bills, and they should, too is an effort of Environmental Advocates of New York. Visit to learn more.


Rob Moore
Executive Director
Environmental Advocates of New York

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):
Your Assemblyperson (if you live in New York)
Your State Senator (if you live in New York)

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: I Support the Super Bills and So Should You

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

I am writing today as a member of Environmental Advocates of New York to ask you to support the environmental community’s priority Super Bills. These bills have not yet been introduced, but I hope you will talk with members of your conference and ask that they be introduced as soon as possible. Once bill numbers have been assigned, I hope you will sign on as a co-sponsor of the Super Bills.

The Super Bills are not just about protecting New York’s waters, lands and our families’ health. They’re about protecting our communities, our history and our heritage.

* The Community Preservation Act will give our communities the chance to ‘opt-in’ to support local preservation efforts without navigating the halls of the Capitol.

* The Wetlands Bill will fill a gaping loophole in our wetlands laws, protecting our drinking water and preventing flooding.

* The Bigger Better Bottle Bill will update New York’s most successful recycling program by expanding the definition of returnable beverage containers while generating millions for environmental protection. Governor Spitzer has proposed updating the Bottle Bill as part of his Executive Budget, with the abandoned bottle deposits going to the Environmental Protection Fund, which I hope you will support.

Last year, the Super Bills enjoyed strong, bipartisan support in both houses, as well as support among New Yorkers from the Great Lakes to the Long Island Sound and everywhere in between.

Please act now and show your support for the Super Bills.

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