Updates to the People’s President Page (Prez ’08)

From Kimberly: 

Click here for more info on Victoria Woodhull (for President)Hello. I apologize for the tediously slow rate at which I have been keeping up with the People’s President Page. There is just so much to do. But, I do think that the page is worthwhile, because many pundits don’t even care about most of the people running for President! Many web-sites only tell you what the Democrats and Republicans are doing.

Ian had the idea, that to let our Wilderside community know when things were updated, I could make notes here on a regular blog post. And, then I could remind everyone that when you want to do some research on just who is running for president, you could turn to the “Prez ’08” tab here. (Or, well, okay, I will even say, you could also turn to www.politics1.com. Ron over at Politics 1 is more ambitious about staying up to date on this topic.)

Here are some of the changes I just made:

  • Removed Michael Badnarik, since he has publicly withdrawn and has also thrown his support and efforts to Ron Paul as a Presidential candidate.
  • Removed Green Party candidate Nan Garrett, because she has emphatically declined.
  • Moved Bill Moyers to the Independent section. I had him listed as Green Party, because I spotted him in a green Presidential candidate survey, though studied it more, and he has often been recruited as a Democrat choice. He is supported by some Greens.
  • Moved Ralph Nader to the Independent section alone (instead of placing him in the Green Party and Independent section.) No matter how much myself and other greens admire him, he ran as an Independent last time, and I don’t see real signs he is thinking of himself as a green this time around. Tough choice of where to place him.
  • Added some web-sites. I need to get around to doing more of that. It is kind of tedious work and there is so much to do…peace work, stopping the anti-immigrant energy here in Suffolk County, laundry, etc. I admit, I am taking a big chunk of time to go to see performance poetry and jazz flute this evening. A wonderful, multi-cultural event in the city.

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