Those Amazing Caving Dems in Congress

from Mike Likes It! Friday! Weekend! It’s okay to relax a little, Congress took a whole month off. :D And now that they’re back in session they probably won’t do a damn thing except fundraisers for the 2008 elections anyway. Elaine and I are grabbing headlines tonight to cover some stuff and I think we’re […]

Greens join nat’l antiwar demos, blast bipartisan Iraq & Iran policies

Greens, joining antiwar protests throughout September and October, hold Democratic & Republican leaders responsible for Bush’s disastrous military and foreign policies • Vote for the Green Party, America’s Peace Party, instead of ‘Faux Peace Party’ Democratic candidates who are collaborating with Bush by supporting threats of an attack on Iran and by renewing funding for the Iraq War.  […]

The Nation disses War Resisters

from Third Estate Sunday Review Is it necessary for IVAW to go on the record supporting war resisters when they already publicly do? Yes, it is. And that’s not due to any inaction on the part of IVAW. It is due to the inaction on many in small media with The Nation, as usual these […]

Two blows to Steve Levy’s anti-immigrant strategy

Unfortunately, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, a very conservative Democrat, has ruled the roost in Suffolk County, partly by feeding into anti-immigrant sentiment that exists out here in the burbs. Note, that Suffolk County is home of Farmingville, the place, and “Farmingville” the documentary which explores anti-immigrant sentiment towards day laborers. Between that current and […]

More proof of a single corporate party in Suffolk

from Newsday: There’s also this twist: Legis. John Kennedy (R-Nesconset), who was dumped by his own party, secured the Democratic line – while still seeking the GOP nomination in a primary next month.

Green Party faults Dem Congress for passage of Bush’s ‘police state’ spy bill

Green Party urge quick repeal of bill expanding Bush administration’s surveillance powers Green Party blames Democratic Party leaders for the bill’s passage, and warn that mounting ‘police state’ measures are nullifying the Constitution and basic civil liberties Green Party leaders called on Congress to repeal recently passed legislation expanding the White House’s surveillance powers, and […]

Why vote?

How do you feel, when you go into the voting booth on election day, and you find that there is only one candidate on the ballot?Doesn’t it make you feel trapped? Doesn’t it seem suspicious? Don’ t you wonder if it could possibly be that there is only one person who is qualified to do […]

Democrat/Republican…Flip a Coin

from Liberal Voice The worst part of our current economic condition is that the insurance industry, healthcare industry, the automotive industry, the oil and gas industry OWN our politicians. How do we correct this problem if the lawmakers themselves are the culprits, the co-conspirators, or at best inactive observers? The answer in the past has […]

Ahmad Ali for Suffolk County Executive 2007

[googlevideo=] Ahmad Ali is collecting signatures to run on the Green Party line for Suffolk County Executive. The incumbent County Executive is running on both the Democratic line and the Republic line. So, Ahmad’s campaign will give voters a much needed choice on the ballot.

Daily Greens: Questions-and-Answers from Nader & Romanelli Press Conference

[googlevideo=] Ralph Nader & Carl Romanelli answered questions after the press conference on Pennsylvania Ballot Access at the Green Party of the United States national annual meeting in Reading, PA. Videographer: Ian Wilder. Director: Kimberly Wilder. PA Green Party Other Videos from Green Party annual national meeting in Reading PA: Daily Greens: Nader & […]

Daily Greens: Nader & Romanelli Press Conference on Pennsylvania Ballot Access

[googlevideo=] Ralph Nader & Carl Romanelli press conference on Pennsylvania Ballot Access at the Green Party of the United States national annual meeting in Reading, PA. Other Videos from Green Party annual national meeting in Reading PA: Daily Greens: Questions-and-Answers from Nader & Romanelli Press Conference Daily Greens: Cynthia McKinney Video Daily Greens: Nader on […]

Ralph Nader: Why we (really, really) need 3rd parties

(video below) “Historically, the great ideas that have animated social justice and driven it to some sort of success in our country, have all come from 3rd parties. And, aren’t we glad that ballot access barriers were much lower in the 19th century than they are today, much less obstructive? Because, that allowed the Liberty […]

How NOT to Get Green Votes

from Dick Mac (alive!) post Cindy Sheehan Speaks Out A twenty-something Dem activist who called my house the week before the last election, insulted me when I told him I was not voting for the Dems, and had I been wavering on that day, his pompous, insulting remarks would have pushed me right over to the […]

Cindy Sheehan: “two-party system” has failed

Cindy Sheehan: Cindy for Congress? by Cindy Sheehan BUZZFLASH GUEST CONTRIBUTION I truly understand the not so supportive people, though, because I have been in their shoes. Here in the USA, most of us put our faith in a two-party system that has failed peace and justice consistently and repeatedly. The Republicans do not have […]