From Sectarian Debating Societies Into Powerful Political Institutions

Steve Greenfield on: Received Wisdom and the Damage Done: Transforming Third Parties From Sectarian Debating Societies Into Powerful Political Institutions

When: Monday, April 9, 2007 @ 7:30 PM

Where: Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, 140 Second Avenue @ 9th Street
New York City, New York (Between St. Marks and 9th Street)

Steve Greenfield is an activist, organizer, and volunteer firefighter living in New Paltz, New York. He was born and raised in New York City, where he received his BA in Economics from Columbia College in 1982 and resided until February 2001. Steve was a leader of the New Paltz Greens and a campaign committee member during the first (and only) Green Party electoral victories in New York State history, and went on to serve on the State Committee of the Green Party of New York and the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States. He ran for Congress against liberal icon Maurice Hinchey in 2002, ran for Ulster County Legislature with the endorsements of both the Green and Libertarian Parties in 2003 in which he achieved a record (at that time) 21% of the vote, and unsuccessfully sought to create a joint campaign of Greens and Libertarians for United States Senate in 2006. Drawing upon his wealth of first-hand experience with the few opportunities exploited and squandered — by “third parties” and outsider activists, but ever hopeful that power lies just beyond the watchtowers of conventional wisdom, Steve now devotes himself to the mission of candidly and unreservedly analyzing the root causes of the insignificance of independent politics, with the intent


WHEN: April 9, 2007
6:30 Manhattan Libertarian Party Business Meeting
7:30 Steve Greenfield on Transforming Third Parties
9:00 Drinks and Discussion


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