I Never Thought I’d Miss Richard Nixon

Blacklisted & The Banned
I Never Thought I’d Miss Richard Nixon

Wolf at my Door Topical protest music will never go away – and neither will Sonny Meadows of The Defibrillators, who uses the band name Blacklisted & The Banned to perform his politically tinged songs of dissatisfaction and protest. Take a dash of Defibrillators, add a touch of Dylan and a smidgen of Pete Seger, and you get Blacklisted & The Banned.The band on this recording consists of Meadows on guitar and vocals, Bob Campbell on guitar, Bob Westcott on bass, Jon Foreman on guitar, and Robert Langley on percussion. The disc was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Son Spot Studios in Commack, and was engineered and recorded by Speed. Song titles on the whopping 17 cuts here are “My Country Is In Danger” (in actuality some edited comments by Richard Nixon himself), followed quickly by “I Never Thought I’d Miss Richard Nixon,” “Like A Foreigner,” “To Deliver Democracy,” “Hangin’ In The High School Hall,” “Right Wing Woman,” “High Noon,” “S.U.V.” (where oversized car/truck drivers get their rightful comeuppance on a track unfortunately marred by poor recording

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