Global Warming dream fragment

we just bought a brand new house
it is down the block from the Great South Bay
I pull in front of the house
and see large groups of people congregated
at the end of the block
as I approach the crowd
I can see past them into the Great South Bay
Polar Bears floating on ice floes
without thinking
I start saying aloud
we are screwed
so screwed
we are screwed
so very screwed
a school of alabaster sharks siwms between us
and the Polar Bears
i yell to everyone that a giant wave is coming
before we can move
the water was up on the crest we are standing on
and washing under our feet
next I see Polar Bears walking down our street
mixed in with them are Prizzlies*
who have brown and white spots.

*Prizzlies are a mixture of Grizzlies and Polar Bears caused by Global Warming.   Generally this was thought impossible becuase Polar Bears mate on ice, but with the reduction in ice they may be changing.  More

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