What I learned about the basics of the Green Party

In the end I made it to the discussion on the basics of the Green Party. It’s very hard to recap all that was said, but one of the things that really stuck with me was David Chernushenko’s notion of majority.Think about how many people do you know who would like to live in such a way that their children can have healthy lives. Or how many people would prefer to live next to a park, rather than a power plant. We all know people who would like to be healthier, have more time to spend on their hobbies, and have a future to look forward to.

When spring fully kicks in, take a walk around your area and count how many people are traveling on bikes. Or how many are walking, roller-blading, or running. See how many gardeners or baseball players you run into. Now out of those, count how many don’t like to be lied to, how many are sick of half-measures that get them nowhere, and how many would just like to lead happier lives.

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