LI Beltane in the Park 5/5/07



May 5,  2007
Wantagh Park in
Wantagh, New York
11 AM to 6 PM

Long Island’s 14th annual Maypole dancing event!
Special guest: Lexa Rosean
Come meet High Priestess , Author and Witch Extraordinaire Lexa Rosean.
Lexa will be doing a Tarot Workshop, readings and book signings.


  • Drumming circle with Tracy Hamilton. Bring your drums and join along,
  • Tribal Wind Arts with Mattew Fallon
  • Belly dancing with Calixta
  • Music by Karpathos

For the kids:

  • Face painting with Lion Heart
  • Warren and The Magic Dragon Box,
  • And much more.

There will also be many speakers, workshops, vendors and readers to chose from. At 3 PM starts the open ritual with Lady Venus of the Copper Cauldron, followed by the big Maypole dance and potluck feast. For more info go to our website below.


  1. Take either the Expressway, Northern Parkway or Southern Parkwayto Route 135 South
  2. 135 to exit 1W – Merrick Road westbound.
  3. Take Merrick Road for one mile.
  4. When you see the bridge for Wantagh Parkway, get into the left lane.
  5. Make the first left after the parkway (the Causeway Delicatessen is on the corner) ,
  6. and then immediately a left fork entrance into the park.
  7. The park entrance is clearly marked.

We will be in the picnic area that is in the middle of the park called “The Shelter.” This is recognizable by the red shelter area that is over the picnic tables. We are near the restrooms which are housed in a red barn like structure not far from the shelter area.

Don’t worry about the signs that say you need a Leisure Pass, or need to be a Nassau resident – our demographics have been explained to Nassau County and are acceptable.

Important Note:
The Park entrance is so close to the Wantagh Parkway that the westbound exit from the parkway brings you too far west, and the easbound exit too far east,to enter the the park. If you take the Wantagh Parkway, you’ll have to turn around on Merrick Road to enter the park.

Alternate route – take Merrick Road until you get to the park entrance.

Website II: htm

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