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Dear Village of New Paltz Residents,

It has been a pleasure serving the community as a trustee and Deputy Mayor for the past 4 years. I greatly appreciate the comments from those I have spoken to who are disappointed that I am not seeking another term, even the person who seem surprised that I “took it seriously!” Many in the community have also asked which mayoral candidate I am endorsing, and I appreciate the fact that people are looking for feedback and not simply paying attention to the negative statements being made about candidates. The answer is, yes, I am supporting Jason West.

Having been a member of Jason’s campaign team in prior years, four years ago he and I agreed that we would continue in our tradition as Greens and run a campaign where we remain positive and refrain from attacking any other candidates regardless of any attacks against us. Today, Jason is still fulfilling that agreement. His work, honesty, and commitment give him more than enough to promote himself as the best candidate, there is no need or time to discredit an opponent. We have not always agreed on everything, but to look back on the many projects, committees, commissions, and legislation we have enacted I am proud of the work we have done and I trust him to continue to move forward on projects that are not just better for our community, but better for all.

Again, it has been a pleasure to serve, and I especially enjoy knowing that fact that over the past four years our streets have become safer, we can actually drive and walk on North Chestnut, etc. during a storm, our meetings are much more open and inviting, people are actually excited about the environmental projects a small community can enact to counter Global Warming–all that while putting forth budgets that can actually lower taxes.

As many of you already know, I will continue to serve our community with various projects and will always remain active as a public servant. Having a full-time job and being a parent already requires time and commitment, and while I may miss the direct involvement of serving on the village board, I will enjoy having more time to enjoy the beauty of this place we all call home. I cannot think of a better way to advise Jason and all the boards and committees than by spending more time as a bicyclist and pedestrian.

Thank you, Rebecca Rotzler, Deputy Mayor

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