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Dear Friend,

Good News! RELI is moving to 62 Newtown Lane in East Hampton starting May 1st. We could sure use a hand so anyone who can volunteer in the first 2 weeks of May would be quite popular around here. Even just an hour to pack a box would be greatly appreciated. We are very excited about our growing organization and hope you will stop by and see us in our new office.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Climate change and global warming, the core issues which compel our work, are in the news, on talk shows and websites worldwide. We are very optimistic that our message is beginning to take root in the collective conscience of our country and that real change is finally on the horizon.

Did you know that over a 25 year period, just one solar electric system providing about half the electricity for an average home (5kW), eliminates 80 tons of carbon dioxide – the chief greenhouse gas responsible for global warming and climate change. That is the equivalent of not driving 160,000 car miles. Keep in mind that over a ten year period you will have paid for a solar installation whether you get one or not. The amount you pay in electric bills over a ten year period could be going to cover the cost of the solar installation instead of your electric company.

Please consider lending a hand as we move and grow and work to save the planet.

Tina Guglielmo

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