Poet Laureate Maxwell Corydon Wheat Jr, Part 1: Ceremony


Maxwell Corydon Wheat Jr was proclaimed the Poet laureate of Nassau County by its poetry community.  The event took place at Cedarmere, the home of William Cullen Bryant in Roslyn Harbor, Long Island.  This is part 1 of a series of 3 videos taken at the ceremony of Nassau Poets naming Max Wheat as Nassau County Poet Laureate.  The video contains the ceremony naming Maxwell C. Wheat as Poet Laureate.

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  1. A Laureate to Remember – by Debra Ann Kasimakis

    The day was set.
    The time was right.

    We had the seat within our sight.

    We thought we knew all would agree,
    Nassau would take it’s place in HISTORY.

    Instead they baulked, they turned and ran.
    They should have held the public’s stand.

    To buckle under at the end,
    they proved to be
    NO poet’s friend.

    Who cares what all the cronies think?
    We’ll smite them, public opinion will sink.

    POET LAUREATE is the name we’ll claim
    for Maxwell Corydon Wheat’s fame.

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