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response to Levy articles on Immigration

 Please folks,
go to http://www.topix.net/forum/source/newsday/TAOJUSTVV03KD22EN
where you will find readers responses to the State Assembly’s Minority
Caucus’rejection of the Levy tax hike. It seems there is only
opposition. Don’t think Levy aides are not monitoring these sites,
they do and write love notes to Levy telling him how everybody
supports him against the terrorists and blackmailers
   Please take a minute to send in your opinion. 

  Some examples:

Westbury, NY

Hey all of you here is the problem:

Let’s see if all of you are SMART enough to solve it properly…..(I have no position as to Levi’s policies), I just want to make sure that you understand how they are imposed, before you go writing about illegals. Besides who can tell a legal from an Illegal on the street?

I am black and Latino although I look like I’m only Latino…I’m also a member of the US Armed Forces (you know those protecting your rights in Iraq)

Here is a scenario:

If I go and hang out in Farmingville,(not that I would want to do that!) Levy’s policies will impact me negatively in the following manner.

I will be label Illegal, I will probably not get to rent an apartment without beign harrased, if I go near a Seven Eleven I would be called a day laborer, GET THE PICTURE!

(did you know that ther are laws againt Housing descrimination in both Nassau and Suffolk? I wonder why?)

Levi’s policies are devisive…wait! if you are white, his policies are not devisive, they are perfect!

You see we on Long Island live in the most segregated place in the U S. This is not your fault or mine and I am not the one that is saying it, it is supported by all the facts, figures and laws.

If you want to implement policies you have to do it in a manner that impacts ALL equally….

I will give you a REAL example just in case you are color blind and cannot see the “Green Light”

Here is the Headline

1- House in Brookhaven (AKA Crookhaven) is raided and 20 Illegals are evicted (Hey you probably celebrate that!)

Here is Headline 2

2- A house in the Hamptons was rented and over 40 (white) people have been living there enjoying the summer with their friends! until the summer finished.(you find nothing wrong with this)

Get the picture ….both are illegal use of property, but only one is enforce upon…Hello!!!!!!!!!

That is devisive and descriminating policies!.

I hope that you are not saying that Levy is right only when it comes to Illegal Latinos because then all of us that look like Latinos will be targeted. Just in case you are wondering why the Puerto ricans and Blacks are getting involved, think of this…If we allow Levi and others to paint all Hispanics as Illegals, what’s next? Oh Yeah he will probably would want to bring back Slavery,
besides Latinos come in all colors
Caucasian (George Bush III, the presidents nephew) Celia Cruz (Black Latina) and George Lopes (Mexican Latino)put your bias aside and see if Levi’s policies are beign enforce equally?

look at the example and see if I’m not telling the truth, you know is true that in the Hamptons there are homes rented illegally and nothing is done about it …Do you think black and Latinos own any homes in the Hamptoms?

Come on! wake up people and get your coffee from a hard working Latino that fixes your roof, cuts your lawn, baby sits your kids, cooks for you at any restaurant, takes your oder at any Mc Donalds,good enough to do things for you but not good enough to live among you…HA HA HA sounds familiar!!!!!!!?

Think about that when you go to church on sunday and you hear the priest say “Love thy neighbor”?

Hey get this! the Native Americans (the Original Americans ) never gave anyone a passport or a green card.

Cesar Malaga

Joanne–Islip wrote:

So is the State Assembly going to try and ram a hiring site down the throat of Steve Levy likes it’s tried to do to the voters and taxpayers of Long Island???? You know what, Members of the Hispanic Caucus, you want a hiring site in NY??? Good….put it in YOUR backyard. I don’t want it here on Long Island. The people of Suffolk County elected Steve Levy to do the WILL of the people and that’s exactly what he is doing. Since he has a double-digit approval rating, I contend that you and your “caucus” are committing political suicide by your inability to understand the sentiment of the MAJORITY!!!! Go use your strong-arm gestapo tactics in some third world country—not here.

How can you say the People of Suffolk County elected Steve Levy. Steve Levy was nominated by the County Democratic Party Chairman. That party will not allow any other candidate to run for office. There is no Democratic elections here in Suffolk County. The Democratic and Republican Party Chairman run the County and the lected people must do ehat the party wants and they work for the Special Interest groups who contribute to the political parties. So do not say the people of Suffolk County elected Steve Levy. The people do not have the choice to elect a candidate that can work for the people of Suffolk County. Just look what is going to happen in the 2007 Elections. The Democratic Party nom,inates Levy to run for office and the Republican Party cross indorces Levy. Is that a Democratic Elections? You do not need to go to the elections booth. Why waste your time, if there is only one candidate for that office. Suffolk County residents did not elect Levy, they did not have a choice. There is no democratic elections in Suffolk County.

County Executive Levy likes publicity, he wants to see his name in Newspapers or any media. He does not care for the people of Suffolk County.

One Response

  1. If you are a legal immigrant, you are welcome in Suffolk County. If you are an illegal alien, you are tresspassing, you are a criminal and we want you to leave. If you will not leave willingly, I want my government to arrest you and forcibly throw you out! There is a line of law abiding people waiting to enter this country as legal immigrants. Certain groups have decided that those lines are for the fools. Their attitude is “screw the laws of the USA, I’m coming in whether you like it or not”. I say screw them. Throw the bums out. Levy is the only politician who has listened to the people and is trying to correct the problem.

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