Humble Folk

Do not apologize for being “just” a singer
There is no such thing as being “only” a musician
Like you should never say
“only poetry”
“only my opinion” or
“only me”

The world should appreciate you with all fullness
No less than a songwriter
A musician, without lyrics, reveals himself in proper, wordless awe
of the muse
An ideal of sound

Be sad for the finest pickers fooled by some elusive longing
for an original song
Be sad for the other halves of folk-rock duos
who feel inadequate as they float baldly off to smaller circles of vocal purists
believing they are somehow less than their partners

To respect the way you express the muse
is equal to respecting your religion

Art is a sacred stone, at the center of all creating
And if you worship it by painting it, reshaping it,
reinventing it, or simply admiring it
You have paid your due homage

The only response you can have to the stone which would betray it
is to ignore it, sell it, or worse, walk away, unchanged

How funny to think that somewhere a songwriter could look down upon
the nightingale who brings his words to life
Or to the cult of pure pickers and vocalist
who will make his song hum in infinite variations
long after he is gone

–  kw

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