Cindy Sheehan: “two-party system” has failed

Cindy Sheehan: Cindy for Congress?
by Cindy Sheehan

Photo by Ben SchuminI truly understand the not so supportive people, though, because I have been in their shoes. Here in the USA, most of us put our faith in a two-party system that has failed peace and justice consistently and repeatedly. The Republicans do not have a monopoly on the culture of corruption (although BushCo have elevated it to policy status) and the way we do politics in this country needs a serious shake up when all that we the people get is a shakedown. I was frightened out of ever voting for a third party, or independent candidate, but voting out of fear is one of the things that bestowed the Bush Crime Mob upon us and may give us the Republican in actuality, if not in name, Hillary Clinton.

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