YES Magazine: Stand Up to Corporate Power

YES! and the Strategic Corporate Initiative (SCI) teamed up to produce the Fall 2007 issue. SCI’s director Michael Marx co-authored the lead article, and we invited him to introduce Stand Up to Corporate Power.

YES! Magazine Cover issue 43

Stand Up to Corporate Power Dear Reader,

Stand Up to Corporate Power, the Fall 2007 edition of YES! Magazine, asks perhaps the most important question of our time: Who Will Rule—People or Corporations?

How we answer it will determine whether we survive the triple threat of climate change, an end to cheap oil, and extreme resource depletion and extinction. If corporations rule, we will likely not survive. If people rule, there is a chance.

Stand Up to Corporate Power shows how we can reclaim the power that corporations have seized. It’s a bold call to action that tells the stories of people and organizations that are expanding and protecting the commons, achieving a separation of corporation and state, and asserting the superiority of community rights over corporate rights. I strongly encourage a cover-to-cover reading.

YES! Magazine has never been timid about putting critical issues before us, and this issue is no exception. If you’re not already a subscriber, this is the perfect time to try a Free Trial copy. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Michael Marx,
Director, Strategic Corporate Initiative Project

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