The Nation disses War Resisters

from Third Estate Sunday Review

Is it necessary for IVAW to go on the record supporting war resisters when they already publicly do?

Yes, it is. And that’s not due to any inaction on the part of IVAW. It is due to the inaction on many in small media with The Nation, as usual these days, leading the way as worst example.

The Peace Resister‘s just not interested in war resisters. Give her a petition and she’s happy to blog about that. Give her a courageous stand and she crumples. And prevents anyone else from covering it in the pages of the magazine which is how you with all of those 2006 “online exclusive” features on Ehren Watada whose name never makes it into print until a January 2007 issue where he’s called a “coward” and then (for balance?) he’s given a tiny sidebar to the main article (about the petition, by the way).

The Nation wants you to act . . . online! Step out of line — pay attention Cindy Sheehan, Katha Pollitt’s gunning for you — and be slammed or ignored. It’s all about what looks most ‘respectable’ for the Democratic Party [empasis added] which goes a long way towards explaining how a once vibrant magazine became the dreary, muddled mess it currently is.

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