Green Party New York E-News 10/07

Here is the latest news from the Green Party of New York. Now is the perfect time to support Green candidates in local elections. This is where progressive policy can have a real impact on New Yorkers’ lives. By supporting Greens running for local office, those who struggle for peace, ecology, justice, and democracy can press for tangible results and offer real choices for voters in the face of a system that resists forward-looking reform. See below for more information on candidates running in your area.

Syracuse Anti-war March and Rally

Greens from all over New York State participated in Syracuse’s September 29 anti-war march and rally. Initiated by Iraq Veterans Against the War, the event drew an estimated 2,500 people. Jessica Maxwell, of the Syracuse Peace Council and a local Green Party member, was one of the main organizers.

The single, clear message from veterans, students, peace groups and individuals: “Immediate, unconditional withdrawal from Iraq.”

The Green Party of New York State organized a warm-up rally and feeder march before joining the main event. Among the speakers were:

# Howie Hawkins, marine veteran and Green Party candidate for Syracuse councilor at large
# Bob Gumbs, Green Party candidate for Congress in Harlem in 2008.
# Gary Bonaparte, a local Green and labor activist

The march ended in Walnut Park, where the Cortland Community for Peace displayed quilts made by Cortland Green Party member Betty Wood. The quilts had pictures and information about NYS military personnel killed in Iraq.

In the evening, there was a panel discussion featuring Scott Ritter, former chief UN weapon inspector, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, who grew up in Iraq, and Jimmy Massey, former marine and founding member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Green Party member Joe Lombardo organized the panel.

Support Green Party Candidates

* Howie Hawkins –– for Syracuse, NY Councilor-at-large —
* Ahmad Ali Mitchel-El — for Suffolk County Executive —
* Margaret Human — for New Paltz Town Council —
* David Lussier — for Albany County Legislator (District 7) —
* Eric Jones — for Buffalo Common Council (Niagara District) —
* Joseph Duffy — for Hornell Common Council (10th ward/write-in)
* Peter Healey — for Ulster County Legislature (write-in)

The Green Party takes no corporate contributions so we can better represent you.

Contact your Representative at Your regional representative can tell you more about what the Green Party is doing in your area.

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