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From Kimberly:

With autumn, I am having a great sense of the depth and possibility of change. Oh, that the war could be over. Oh, that this election day could bring some relief from arrogant incumbents. Don’t see much possibility in sight politically. We even have some of the same visionary idealists like Kucinich, promising that this time is different, and the same people believing him again. But, at least, the leaves are turning colors, and lost souls are returning to me in my dreams.

In seeking hope in the world of politics, I keep remembering the possibility that Ron Gunzberger from Politics1 lists at the top of his president’s page: “For the first time since 1928, both major parties will have open contests for the Presidential nomination without a sitting President or Vice President in the running.” Surely, this is a big opening for some wonderful, third party or independent candidate. Every 80 years, there has to be some hope for change!

All this is to say, that I have made some updates at the People’s President Page, where I am praying that my careful work on lists of independent and third party candidates means that I am among the first to recognize the person who will become our next U.S. President.

In another nod to knowing I can’t stay on top of everything, at every moment, I am providing a link to the page on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) web-page that lists all presidential candidates who registered with the FEC. The official list is at: http://www.fec.gov/press/bkgnd/pres_cf/presidential_list.pdf.

I also removed the following candidates, who were listed in Wikipedia as having declined: Jerome Corsi (Constitution Party); Dale Thompson (Constitution Party); Doug Stanhope (Libertarian). And, removed Celesta Baier, who was reported as withdrawn at the Greenpapers.

For additions, I looked at Politics1 and Wikipedia. Today, I added the following candidates: Vincent Hamm, William Ingram, Thomas Kozee, Jr., Michael Stephen Levinson, Charles Maxham, James McCall, Michael Stephen Levinson, Michael Moriarty, and former US Senator Sam Nunn.

A few days ago, on a casual review, I took Cindy Sheehan’s name off the presidential candidate list. I really hoped that she would run for president. But, I am pleased that Cindy Sheehan has decided to run for Congress in Nancy Pelosi’s district in California.

I also noticed that there is more than one way to organize all this. I have Paul Jensen and Arnold Jones down as being with the “Independent American Party”, while Politics1 has them as independents. I suppose with some study, I could make a criteria for what makes someone an independent. For now, pretty lax about where to fit people in.

As always, it is just humble, ol’ me doing this additions. If you have a web-site for your favorite candidate, please send it along. Any corrections or additions appreciated. Send an e-mail to votewilder at yahoo dot com.

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