Follow up on student taser incident: Why stun guns are bad


I find the incident troublesome because pulse™ technology conducted-energy weapons (stun guns) are dangerous even if used properly. No police officer anywhere knows the cardiac condition of any person they accost…

What that means is that an offense as minor as swearing at a cop or not responding fast enough to an order from a police officer, could become a capital offense. The risk to citizens-at-large is too great for police officers to be allowed to use stun guns for anything less than a life-threatening situation.

Stun guns weren’t developed to subdue loud-mouth students in a college forum. Nor to subdue wiseguys who respond too slowly to orders from local police officers.

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  1. sounds to me like who ever wrote this article was never raped, or their home was never broken into. stun guns are a form of protection that saves lives. If they had experienced some sort of wrong by a man bigger than them and out of control then they would be saying anything against self protection such stun guns. Thats too bad that some people died due to being stunned. That is one less drug user off the streets that i just don’t feel sorry for.LOL jeesh i think anger management should be taught in school that way we are all on the same page to begin with.

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