The Billion Bag, Bottle & Bulb Challenge

Hey Wilders…

My name is Greg Peterson, the owner of the Urban Farm in Phoenix

About 6 months ago I had this Epiphany “What would it take for me to completely stop using plastic one-use items?” I looked and found there is lots that I can do. Then my next thought was what would it take to enroll enough people to eliminate one Billion plastic items.

So, I need your help to do something that’s never been done before: an internet campaign designed and run by an enlightened group of bloggers, with the sole purpose of eliminating ONE BILLION plastic bottles, plastic bags, incandescent bulbs and other plastic items from our lives. I call it the Billion Bag, Bottle & Bulb Challenge.

I can’t accomplish this goal by myself, and I can’t write a check to some big media company to make it happen. But what if our blogging community found our collective voice? Rather than the confusion of hundreds or thousands separate voices, each promoting a different cause, we could all get together and speak with one single voice. Imagine the impact we will have.

Let’s see if we can make the BBBB Challenge an idea-virus that we can spread far and wide and have tens (or hundreds) of thousands of smart, connected people talking about it. If it doesn’t work, we’ll still have eliminated thousands of plastic items from our lives. But if it works – holy blogging shift Batman! We will have a serious media disruption on our hands.

If you just want to mention the Billion Bag, Bottle & Bulb Challenge now and then, that’s fine (and if you don’t want to participate, that’s fine too). But what I really want is your ideas and help making this campaign into something that might be looked upon years from now as a case study in the power of ordinary people to affect real positive change.

I’ve created a website
where you can sign up for the Challenge, create a group and if you want become an affiliate. The bonus on the affiliate program is that there are banners that you can download that direct people to the challenge and you get a commission on any sales that you send our direction.

I’ve also created a blog where we can talk about the Billion Bag, Bottle & Bulb Challenge and exchange ideas.

We are going to make a public announcement in the next few weeks, but wanted to get you in the loop before we did. In the meantime please forward this to as many bloggers as you know and post it on your blogs. I can be reached at 800-678-8848 or if you would like to discuss this further. Let’s get together and make this thing rock!

Greg Peterson

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  1. Hey Wilders,

    Thanks for the plug for our BBBB Challenge. It is coming along nicely. We just went over the 100 person (hey we have to start somewhere) level – the cool thing about this is that those 107 people have committed to Reduce The Use! of over 6400 plastic once use items. The education goes on. Thanks for your support.


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