Ani @ Bluestockings 11/18/07

172 Allen Street @ Stanton (1 block south of Houston)  212-777.6028
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Sunday, November 18th @ 3PM Sharp! – $10 Admission
Ani DiFranco: A Conversation On Verses
A beloved and fiercely independent musician, Ani DiFranco has now reached into the literary world, with a just-released volume of poetry and paintings which captures her essential artistry. “Ani DiFranco: Verses” rages, eulogizes, menaces, revels and envisions. An outspoken voice of conscience over the last twenty years, Ani DiFranco
remains sharp and unflinching. Come out to enjoy an engaging conversation between Ani DiFranco and T Cooper about music, prose, resolve, solitude, politics and love. T Cooper is a best-selling novelist, founder of the all-star Backdoor Boys, and a one-time member of the Bluestockings Collective. A limited number of signed copies of “Ani DiFranco:
,” published by Seven Stories Press and copies of “Canon,” DiFranco’s first retrospective album, will be available for sale. Advanced Tickets are available at now.


If you can’t get to Bluestockings, check out a copy of the book at Powell’s by clicking here.

She’s got the gift of lyrical precision-nothing cuts to the core quite like the resolution of DiFranco rhyme.-Billboard

With eight Grammy nominations, a gold record, and sales of over 4.5 million, Ani DiFranco is one of America’s most fiercely independent and beloved musicians, as well as an outspoken voice of conscience. For the first time, she releases a book of poetry and paintings capturing her essential artistry that has helped define and invigorate a new generation.

Ani DiFranco: Verses rages, eulogizes, menaces, revels, and envisions. With a poet’s precision and a citizen’s take, DiFranco finds the meeting places of intimacy and politics, of self and country, of resolve and compromise, and of the fickle and magnificent capacities of love and solitude.

In 1990 at the age of eighteen, Ani DiFranco rewrote the rules of the record industry when she created her own label, Righteous Babe Records, as an alternative to beckoning corporate offices. Since then, RBR has released twenty-one full-length DiFranco albums to critical acclaim, and is now home to over a dozen cutting-edge new artists. DiFranco was named one of the top twenty-five most influential artists of the past twenty-five years by CMJ New Music (alongside Nirvana and U2) and one of 21 Feminists for the 21st Century by Ms. Magazine. Together with Ani DiFranco: Verses, she released her first retrospective album, Canon, in September, and proceeded on a twenty-city tour in the United States.

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