Poet Mary Healey tonight 11/9/07

Mary Healey
With Doug Sweezey

7:30 P.M. Friday (Tonight), November 9, 2007

Performance Poets Association
Barnes and Noble, 80 Walt Whitman Road, Huntington, N. Y.

Only two years a committed poet, Mary Healy’s work has attained a distinct style (that means she has her voice). It is a style of interesting and compelling language.  The Farmingdale poet’s appearance is a strengthening of The Paumanok Community of Poets, already strong with a few hundred fine poets — and growing as shown with Mary Healy’s coming under the tent. She has become active in this community, being named by Christine Rau, organizer of regular poetry readings on Nassau County’s south shore, as permanent host at the first Friday poetry readings at the Rockville Centre Village Book Store.

Defying Dusk

Drowning light of setting sun
Drapes over horizon
Color splashes
Apricot, Amethyst, Cinnabar
Haphazardly dripping into each other
Glazing a silken sky
Afraid to blink
Press for one last view
Dissolving within
To offer
As a gift
For another

MC Healey

Maxwell C. Wheat, Jr.
Poet Laureate
Nassau County

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