Green wins for Constable with 5 write-in votes!

In Redding, CT: “All of the candidates for constable positions were elected, including write-in candidate Leif R. Smith [pictured] of the Green Party.”

Many times as greens, we run as candidates for various reasons besides winning. I have run many a race with a tiny budget, a small chance of winning, and a great desire to simply be in the public discourse with my green ideas which are sometimes ahead of their time.

Though, I always like the feeling our candidates have of “you have to be in it to win it”, and that maybe, just maybe, by trying, you could win. For instance, maybe the other candidate(s) will be given a judgeship or move to another state, or maybe the electorate will finally wake up, and you will be elected.

And, sometimes, because our democracy is so messed up right now, you can just slip through the cracks in other ways.

I don’t even have the whole story, and I don’t know how many slots and why there were candidates for all of them. But, in Connecticut, a Green Party member who stepped up to the plate was rewarded with the position of “Constable”, just by getting 5 write-in votes.

Pretty cool…

Hersam Acorn Newspapers
Nov 8, 2007, Redding

Region 9 race is a squeaker: Automatic recount is already in the works

There was a tight race in Tuesday’s election for two Region 9 school board seats, and the results are so close they are headed to a recount.

The secretary of the state’s office has been notified of the results, where the spread between three of the four candidates is just eight votes…

Other races

In the other races, where there were also no contests, Republican Robert Gorman was re-elected to a full term on the Board of Assessment Appeals and Republican Greg Stackpole was elected to fill a two-year vacancy…

All of the candidates for constable positions were elected, including write-in candidate Leif R. Smith of the Green Party.
Also winning terms were Republicans William Cook and Peter Bielawa and Democrats Charles Mullaney, Jill Kotch and Kathleen Anderson.

Voter turnout was at 28% with 1,813 of 6,398 eligible voters going to the polls. In the 2005 town election, turnout was at 22%, 35% in 2003, and 20% in 2001.

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