Green Party of the US: Diversity Committee

From Kimberly Wilder

I am a non-voting member of the Green Party of the United States Diversity Committee. The goals of the committee include nurturing identity caucuses to gather together for representation on the GP-US National Committee. Though, other things happen there, including a lot of good networking and sharing on issues connected to race, LGBT issues, women’s issues, etc.

Now that former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has joined the Green Party, it would be awesome if she could join this committee. I think some candidates can be aloof to the nitty gritty of party politics. And, when you are leading a campaign, it is difficult to be on a committee and do internal work. But, this committee is easy to get on, and does not make demands of people. People would be honored to have Ms. McKinney join. And, the symbolism of having Ms. McKinney there with us would be awesome.

In order for any green, anywhere in the country, to join this committee, they just need to send an e-mail, and they will get asked to be verified as a Green by someone in their state. It is not like other committees where you have to get appointed or elected on. They idea is to invite participation. I am proud that my party has a committee like this, with rules that make it open and inviting, a special path for people of diversity to jump into the mix of national, Green politics.

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