PeaceSmiths Discoveries

Today, a group of volunteers went to a garage where some PeaceSmiths items are stored. Ran across some treasures. Wanted to share with the PeaceSmiths community. See six photos this post.

There are some logistics concerns with sorting out items such as cookbooks and children’s car seats, which were being saved for the next yard sale, with some very important archives, political books, and vintage signs. If you have an interest in helping with this project, please contact Kimberly Wilder, who is the interim PeaceSmiths Coordinator.

Above: Painting on heavy paper by Frank A. Tribute to Katharine Smith. Signed by Susan Blake and other members of “Bethpage Friends Meeting, PeaceSmiths and the beloved community.”

Above: A collection of buttons. The writing is obscured on some. Includes: “Housing is a Right”; “Just Say No for Contra Aid”; some Jerry Brown 1992 buttons; a couple in support of Cuba-one says “Friendship” for Cuba; “No One for President”; one has a boomerang on it, and we think it says something about all weapons are boomerangs; one includes a “GE” logo with a red slash through it; another has the McDonalds logo, with a critique and the words “McProfit”; an FUV radio 90.7 FM button (a radio station out of NYC which plays lots of original and new folk music.)

Above: A corkboard/memo board. On the white board were notes of upcoming events and shows.

Above: An empty cardboard box, wrapped in a flag, with a message written on one side…see below…

Above: A cardboard box, wrapped in a flag, with a message…

Above: Detail of painting tribute to Katharine Smith. In the center of this photo, the words closest to the painting, is a message signed “Susan J. Blake”. One of the signatures says “1996”. Other signers include: Betty Blake, Edith J., Ken Jason J., Tree Payne, Priscilla F., Bill Brissotti, Carol and Gerald M., Richard B., Margie and Dorie from the PeaceSmiths board, Jules B., Jan & Mario, Patti & Iuy, Alice M., Don O., Jean M.

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