PeaceSmiths Archives: “Cow Game” and more…

From Kimberly Wilder, interim Coordinator of PeaceSmiths, Inc.:

It is so sad that the world lost Susan June Blake. Thank goodness that her work lives on through PeaceSmiths. It has been very rewarding going through the PeaceSmiths archives, remembering Susan’s philosophies, politics, and great effort.

Below are some photos of the archives. Since we are figuring out how to organize all this, and since we are not sure which artists created which, we are putting a copyright notice on them, to try to be fair to everyone, as we share a sneak peak.

Discoveries from the Archives

(c) PeaceSmiths/Original Artist (c) PeaceSmiths/Original Artist

Above left: Anti-War Poster. Above right: Poster from PeaceSmiths’ Nassau County Jail demonstration.

(c) PeaceSmiths/Original Artist

Above left: Cancer Prevention/Environmental Poster. Above right: Poster from a January 26th march on Washington (appears to be from the Jan. 26th 1991 National Campaign for Peace in the Middle East march.)

From the Cow Game which Susan set up each year at the Clearwater Hudson River Revival

(c) PeaceSmiths/Original Artist (c) PeaceSmiths/Original Artist

The Mad Cow is not good for you. The Organic Cow is grass-grazing.

(c) PeaceSmiths/Original Artist (c) PeaceSmiths/Original Artist

People – even celebrities – should be free to speak up, and warn people of danger. Above right: Don’t drink milk from cows that have been given rBGH growth hormone.

(c) PeaceSmiths/Original Artist (c) PeaceSmiths/Original Artist

The best solution: Organic, non-dairy choices such as rice, almond, or soy milk. And, now that you have played the game, what do you think?

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