Four Worst Black Congresspersons Revealed by CBC Monitor

from Black Agenda Report

Latest Report Card Also Evaluates non-Black Reps. with Large Black Constituencies

As tens of thousand of party-goers flock to Washington, DC, to celebrate the Black presence on Capitol Hill, the watchdog CBC Monitor exposes the fractures that have rendered the Congressional Black Caucus impotent as a body. Corporate money has in recent years given birth to a clique of rightist Caucus members, allied with Power. The latest CBC Monitor Report Card shows who these malefactors are, vote by vote – and gives direction to those who would cleanse the once-proud Black institution of enemy influence. Plus, for the first time, non-Black congresspersons with 25 percent or larger Black constituencies are evaluated by the same standards the CBC Monitor applies to African American lawmakers.

“The ‘derelicts’ provide cover for wavering members of the Caucus.”

The envelope has been opened and the Worst Black Congresspersons are, in order of dereliction of duty to their constituencies: Sanford Bishop (GA), Artur Davis (AL), David Scott (GA), and William Jefferson (LA). The Four Derelicts earned the dishonor through the average of their votes, as documented in the five CBC Monitor Report Cards issued since September, 2005, when the Monitor began evaluating the legislative behavior of the Congressional Black Caucus.

In the current Report Card, for the first time the CBC Monitor also rated the 29 non-Black members of Congress whose constituencies are 25 percent or more African American. Every Republican failed miserably, while southern Democrats, with a few exceptions, scored below even the worst-performing Black legislators in the U.S. House.

[click here to view the September 2007 Report Card]

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