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beat radio

hey everyone, brian from beat radio here.

i wanted to let you know i’ll be playing a solo show this friday night at a great venue in Long Island City called The Creek and The Cave, along with 2 really great bands The Antlers and Spanish Prisoners. I’m on first at 9 sharp. The Creek and the Cave is located at 10-93 Jackson Avenue. Hunters Point, Long Island City, Queens, NYC. there’s a $5 cover.

i’m excited to try out some new songs, and maybe bring back some old ones. let me know if you have any requests!

lots going on these days with beat radio. we’re taking the next month off to work on new stuff and get ready to do some more recording. i’ve been posting lots of new demos over at my blog. here’s something i’ve been working on this week:
beat radio – sunday matinee (demo)

hope you like it.

Also, phil and brian’s other band easy anthems just put out a new record of traditional holiday songs called Hark! it’s really wonderful. you can download it in its entirety for free at their website, or purchase it through their myspace page. all proceeds go to charity. this tune is my favorite:

Easy Anthems – Hark/Ode to Joy

Also, there’s a cool feature on Beat Radio and a bunch of other bands you might know who think the environment is super awesome in this month’s issue of canvas magazine. check it out here.

hope to see you friday.



a cinema of sunshine

Hello beautiful people,

So where have I been? Having a baby! A wonderful, big healthy baby
boy, who will is inspiring me to write again..but hopefully not soft,
squishy, rafi-like stuff. That just wouldn’t be me! He’s awesome, and
I’m getting the itch again to play. So you’ll be seeing me in 2008.

But to hold you over, I’m doing this year’s TOP 10, from CT to you.
Much love, thanks for the support, and hope to see you all soon. Gig
dates below, and the site will be updated soon.

Mama Carol–

1- The Washington National Cathedral (A place of great solace since I was 11 years old)
2- The Turf Tavern, Oxford UK (The Back Garden, the inspiration for”Home”)
3- The Bohemian Beer Hall Garden (on a weeknight, one of the corner tables under the awnings. the place reverts to it’s humbler vibe. you can have a staropramen in piece and write)
4- Georgina’s Cafe (a great tea shop in the Covered Market where you could pay 1 pound for a pot of tea and stay all afternoon)
5- Opus 40, near Woodstock, NY (if you’ve been there, no need to explain)
6- The steps of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC at night
7- The glorious place you get to in your head with great tunes playing in your ears while walking the winding streets of the West Village in NYC
8- The beach at Assateague Island, MD, when they used to let you camp right on the beach
9- Toss-up…La Concha Beach in San Sebastian, Spain & the Squares of Old Bordeaux in France
10- My cousin’s hammock overlooking the mountains in Grenada

if you get a chance to explore any of these places…enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
Soul of the Blues Series
29 Cornelia Street, New York, NY 10014
with Matt Iselin on piano, Dave Edwards on drums & Scott Thornton on acoustic bass!

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
3268 Railroad Ave
Wantagh NY 11793

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