Santa and his elves

Photo (C) Ian Wilder

Last night, we went to my friend’s home to celebrate Christmas. Her decorations were beautiful. And, we saw these new decorations on the lawn. They came with a wonderful story. The people who live across the street are a couple in their 80’s. The couple has these hand-painted Santa and the elves decorations which a family member made for them about 70 years ago.  (more photos at the jump) Though, it is difficult for them to decorate, so Santa, the sleigh, the reindeer, the candycane, and the elves have all been hiding in their basement for 15 years. Every year, my friend’s husband had offered to put them out, because they bring such joy to the neighborhood children and to my friend and her family. This year, the couple called at the beginning of the holiday season. Finally! my friends thought, they could help and put the elves up. Though, the couple had a better idea. They asked my friends to put the elves out at their own home. That way, the couple could see them when they looked out their window and across the street this holiday season.

I wanted to post this to our blog to let the sharing continue.



Photo (C) Ian Wilder

See the proud reindeer. And, there is an elf who is a little afraid of the dark!


Photo (C) Ian Wilder

An elf’s work is never done. “Have to make the toys. Hammer, hammer, hammer.”

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