Michigan primary: interesting facts

From Kimberly:

Oh. Reading news stories, learning stuff about this primary.

So, Michigan has an open primary system. You go in the booth, and it doesn’t matter what your usual “party identity” is, you can vote in any party’s primary. So, if a Democrat wants to kibitz (or sabotage) the Republicans, she can just ignore her own primary, and pull the lever for a Republican…

And, since the Michigan Democrats scheduled their primary early, the Big Brother national Democratic Party “punished” them by saying they don’t get delegates to the Democratic Presidential Convention. (Imagine that. Who would put up with that kind of behavior from their national org?) So, there is controversy over whether it is worth it for Democrats to bother voting in their own primary. So, one interesting thing that might happen tonight is that the Democrats who figure it out, might cast lots of votes in the Republican primary.

Then…there is this…

Because the Democratic national party has said that the Michigan delegates won’t get their votes, all of the front-runner candidates besides Hillary Clinton withdrew from the Michigan primary. So…maybe this can be an exciting way to register an anti-war vote. Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel–who both present themselves as being against the war–are on the ballot. Let’s see if they get some wild-high numbers.

According to the Michigan Democratic Party, here are the choices Democrats will have on the ballot in Michigan today:

Hillary Clinton
Christopher Dodd
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich

Maybe there will be interesting stories to tell, at least.

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