Montel Williams: Surprise attack – makes FOX note Iraq War deaths


Montel Williams was supposed to be invited to sit on the talk show couch to talk about the death of a celebrity, Heath Ledger. Instead, Montel demanded that the hosts and the audience consider the 28 people who had died in Iraq since January 1st. Turns out, Montel got “non-renewed” at FOX the next week. Very interesting…

Commentary and story at another blog: here

3 Responses

  1. Bravo Montel! Finally someone has attempted to wake the American people from their media-induced stupor…..sorry Montel, they are farther gone than we thought.

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  3. Actually, the FOX stations declined to pick up the Montel show weeks before his appearance on Fox and Friends. The CBS anouncement of it’s decision was issued 3 days after his appearnce. If you can’t stand the success that Fox enjoys, fine. But if you want to take a swipe at them, you really should get your facts straight. You risk sounding foolish otherwise.

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