New politics and culture talk show: Rosie and Montel

From Kimberly: With the new scuffle of Montel Williams getting “fired” from FOX for trying to talk about 28 dead war victims, instead of one dead celebrity (Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace), I am starting to see a pattern. Celebrities feeling empowered, wanting to communicate something imminently important to the American people, dare […]

Montel Williams: Surprise attack – makes FOX note Iraq War deaths

[youtube=] Montel Williams was supposed to be invited to sit on the talk show couch to talk about the death of a celebrity, Heath Ledger. Instead, Montel demanded that the hosts and the audience consider the 28 people who had died in Iraq since January 1st. Turns out, Montel got “non-renewed” at FOX the next […]