Green Party: DC Primary and other presidential dreams

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Just thinking about dreams. Sometimes, in a small party–with lots of work to do, and not enough money–you get so busy building things, dealing with problems and dealing with the present, you forget about the hopeful things and the future.

Even though I am disappointed that we do not have Green Party primaries in New York, it is very cool that in many states, the Green Party has managed to earn the right to have a primary. So, I truly enjoyed following the Green Party primaries that happened on Super Tuesday. And, I am really excited to know that tomorrow, Tuesday, February 12, 2008, my green friends in D.C. will have their primary.

(And, I wish there was more content about the DC Statehood Green Party Primary on-line to review and celebrate. But, I happen to know that the DC greens do a lot of real-life, on-the-ground organizing, and a lot of prominent DC greens are not on-line at all. Though, they did put a really good press release out into cyberspace.)

So, here are my little dreams and big dreams related to the DC Green Party Primary and to the Green Party Presidential race:

Dreaming big…

I hope that the Greens in DC get the biggest percentage turnout of all the major parties there. (In DC, the Green Party considers itself a major party. Now, that is hopeful!)

Dreaming even bigger…

I hope that the Greens in DC get the biggest number of voters to turn out of all the major parties. It’s usually harder for the Green Party to do, since we are a bit smaller than the other parties.* But, there is a war on, and the Green Party demands peace–you never know how motivated people can suddenly become.

Dreaming big…

I hope that in the general presidential election, that the DC Statehood Green Party comes in second place overall. (ie: Democrats first, Green Party next, Republicans last) And, this dream could actually come true. According to a DC Statehood Green Party press release:

In recent elections, DC Statehood Green candidates have collectively won more votes than Republican candidates, even in 2006 when the two parties ran the same number of candidates for partisan office. The Statehood Green Party is now ‘DC’s Second Party’ in terms of electoral clout.

DC Statehood Green leaders look forward to a possible milestone in 2008: the Green presidential candidate placing second on Election Day, ahead of the Republican candidate.

Dreaming even bigger…

I hope that since the DC Statehood Green Party is going so strong and doing so well, they can win the state (ie: first place) in the general election. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the Green Party send some delegates to the electoral college? (Right before the Green Party works with election reform advocates to abolish the electoral college.)

Dreaming big…

I hope that in the general election, the Green Party of the United States can receive 5% of the national vote, so that we can get federal matching funds. (And, because it is a pretty cool milestone, that people have been dreaming of for awhile.) (And, Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney thinks that we can do it!)

Dreaming even bigger…

Well…what do you think I hope for? The biggest wish of any Green Party electoral activist. I wish that the Green Party candidate would win the presidency. Imagine how the world would change, if the Green Party won the White House?

This dream is not as wild as it seems. If ever there was a chance for a third party to win the White House, it is this year. The editor of, an authoritative political web-site notes:

For the first time since 1928, both major parties have open contests for the Presidential nomination without a sitting President or Vice President in the running. Politics1 presents a “first look” at those people being mentioned as possible, likely, speculative, or draft candidates for President in 2008.

So, who is on the ballot in the Green Party DC Statehood Primary tomorrow? The candidates are:

  • Jared Ball (though he is withdrawn from the race)
  • Jesse Johnson
  • Cynthia McKinney
  • Kent Mesplay
  • Howie Hawkins as a stand-in for Ralph Nader
  • Kat Swift

Please vote! Please remind your friends in DC to vote!
Energize the greens, cheer on the progressives,
and gather the voices for peace!

*Total registration by party in Washington, DC. From the DC Board of Elections and Ethics:

Democrats: 279,411
No Party: 63,293
Republicans: 28,502
Statehood Green Party: 4,532
Other: 1,269

Total registered voters in DC: 377,007

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  1. I voted for Nader/Green in the last big election — know you have friends in California, and know that The Green Party has influenced mainstream politics in huge, huge ways.

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